Thursday, June 28, 2007

The State

I know I don't blog about the baby much. Why? I dunno. He's always on my mind.
Here's the status

-he sits
-he claps his hands with glee
-he strums the guitar (the one that the burglars missed! ha! suck it, burglars!)
-he drinks from a glass if you hold it
-he wakes up throughout the night demanding food
-he rejects his crib
-he laughs all day
-he pulls hair
-he pinches faces
-he waves his right hand in an adorable manner
-he eats gallons of yogurt

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

oh my gosh! I have arrived!!

I got my first ever jackass commenter!!!

oh my gosh!
I can't believe it!
I am a Real Blogger Now, baby.


Oh I also wanted to point out this quote. The writer looks to the future with a wonderful sense of optimism and promise:

"It is only a matter of time before a same-sex couple married in Massachusetts finds a federal judge prepared to rule that under the US Constitution, their marriage license must be granted ''full faith and credit'' by every other state. Same-sex marriage will be the law of the land."

Thanks Jeff Jacoby! May it be so and in our lifetime!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

reports greatly exaggerated

So I envisioned an all day vigil and shit. with dickering and filibusters. etc.
Instead I clicked over to the webcast and heard Murray say, "The speaker will call the roll,"

And then

pulse a racing

I listened and ticked off the NOs. 34!
And then, the machine vote began
(MUCH less dramatic, any screenwriters, take note, always use the roll call verbal vote in your movies)
And then...

it was over!

so quick. And now we have until 2012 at the least to just live, and breathe, and not worry. I would say I'll sleep better, but I definitely will not and for an entirely unrelated reason *cough*babykicksalot*cough*.

Anyway, I must thank the no voters, and I can even muster a little nod in the direction of the bathroom breakers who did not vote. Whatever it takes.

ConCon: Con Comme Un Sac des Marteaux

Just brushing up, in case we have to move to Canada.

For everyone on the edge of their seats, yet still trapped in their seats by the iron fist of Summer Hours, a list of the liveblogs of le concon con.

some dude's blog
bay windows

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Attention Massachusetts Lawmakers

Revoke Marriage, Reinstate The Curse

but, but, I do not want them in my boat

As crazy as I find these people, I have to admit I don't understand why what they do is necessarily illegal. A lot of people have bunches of babydaddys/babymamas right? So who cares if they're doing it because they think god said so or any other reason?

They certainly wouldn't do the same for me but I say leave them to their eccentric life.

Meanwhile, in saner planes, there is a big important vote on Thursday. I am feeling fairly pessimistic and helpless about it. On one side you have people who would do anything to 'punish' me and my family, they are so invested in the idea that we're Wrong Wrong Wrong. In the middle you have people who share that feeling deep down, but are conflicted due to their belief in fairness, and cover it all up with the assertion that the Majority Should Rule, the People Must Vote, etc. On this side (the side of Right and Good, obviously), there are some very optimistic lobbyists who hope to change eight minds from the two previous categories, by Thursday.

You might be able to see why I am not terribly hopeful. People don't change their minds very often. Usually you need new information in order to change your mind. And all the information is already on the table:
-taking away marriage is mean and unfair
-letting a hostile majority vote on minority rights is disastrous
-get ready for another year of nasty nasty talk and those recorded phone calls*

They know what they are doing. And they are willing to do it. How can you change minds like that?

I am worried. I am worried for the state, I am worried for everyone who might want to get married in the future, I am worried for my own family. They say nothing will change for us personally but I'm sure that's what they said in Michigan and Wisconsin and Virginia and everywhere else, and it certainly did.

*these recorded phone messages make my blood boil with the heat of 1000 suns. it is beyond infuriating to pick up the phone and hear a disembodied voice saying that you don't deserve your rights AND YOU CAN'T EVEN YELL AT IT BECAUSE IT IS A RECORDING.