Saturday, February 23, 2008

all civics are blue in the dark

I just shoveled out the wrong car! I don't know whose but they better appreciate it. It's cold out there.

Monday, February 11, 2008

this sucks

looking for a job while unemployed sucks ass, people. I have been pulling out ALL THE STOPS and I've had one disastrous phone interview (see previous), one useless callback (six month positions without benefits...ah, we call that temping where I'm from), and I am making myself miserable in the process.
being home all (well most all) of each day has not led to the tidy home I had wished either. Tidyness was not exactly bred into me and I never learned on my own. The various messes around the house play whack-a-mole with me--I fix one, another appears. It's a toss up whether I want to study up and try harder to be Neat Nelly, or say fuck it all and just be Me. Actually did I say toss up? I meant forgone conclusion.

here are things I have tivoed for my child lately:
Puppy Bowl IV (with Kitty Halftime Show)
AKC Championships
Westminster Dog Show

He loves to talk on Skype with his grandparents; he blows them kisses and refers to my father (with signs) as "Hat Mustache". (a very accurate nickname) He also enjoys Skyping with relatives' cats, whom he calls "aaaaooooo". Point out any representation of a dragon or dinosaur and he makes claw-hands and goes "rarrrr!".

Is there anything better than a 14 month old who does dinosaur voices?

He has also decided that I am "The Mom I Throw Up On" and OD is "The Mom Who Reads Stories The Right Way"--he's been known to tear books from my grasp mid-reading and hand them to her. It's cute and funny though it does nothing for my battered self-esteem.