Monday, May 26, 2008


weekend with cousins and grandfather mustache

Friday, May 23, 2008


The kid still doesn't carry on real conversations, of course (except with himself, while falling asleep, which is very funny), but he can verbally respond to questions like, "what do you want to eat?"
Sometimes he answers "narsmwiwx" or something like that which means we play guessing game. I say "soup? (mo) milk? (mo) yogurt? (mo) potatoes? (mo) veg? (mo)" until I hit the right one. When I do he does a little explosive movement with his whole body. "YESH!!" he shouts. It's cute enough that I can almost get past the fact that all he wants lately is hummus. This morning he went off with OD to eat breakfast and when she delivered him back to me to be dressed, he smelled like garlic hummus. Should babies smell like garlic?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Survivor: Tantrumtown

McCain to Host Possible Veeps at Ariz. Home

Dear Friends:
Thank you for agreeing to visit my Arizona home on such short notice! We have a big weekend planned, so I'm sending this agenda to better prepare you all for the great things I have planned. Remember your sunscreen!

0800 Arrival at Compound. Blindfolds provided during drive to secondary location.
0900 Division into shirts and skins
0930 Team captains to arm-wrestle for choice of team bunker
0945 First challenge: Paintball!
1100 Second challenge: In this challenge I just scream at you til you cry.
1200 lunchtime!
1230 Third challenge: golf (warning, I am a sore loser)
1330 Fourth challenge: jerky eating contest
1400 Fifth challenge: Senate Tie-breaking contest
1500 Sixth challenge: Build a fire with sticks
1600 Snacktime!
1630 I will give a single red rose to the one I choose

Good luck to all of you and remember, no matter who wins, I'll be the one packing the supreme court with ultracons! So we all win!!

John McCain

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'll be under the bed if you need me*

hiding from this

*because I have fragglephobia.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jenna is the dumb one right? (warning: very whiny post)

Jenna Bush got married, which reminded me that Jenna Bush exists, and also reminded me of my college roommate. Because they look a little bit alike. Also, because I think they act a little bit alike. With the bein' rich and drinkin' a bit too much and so on.
Anyway I'm not a big fan of my college roommate lately to be perfectly honest. She always believed herself to be a few notches better than me in most ways. Like, she was smarter and more stylish and not crippled with naivete. Once she said something super mean that I wasn't supposed to hear but I totally did*. Alas, I continued to give her the benefit of the doubt, though she treated me like a young country cousin with no connections. Which perhaps I was. Anyway the last thing she did to irritate me was after I went out of my way to bring her my kid's baby clothes for her twin sons. She sent me an email afterwards in which she got my kid's name completely wrong. Irritation! Then she never called me again. Call me really shallow and petty but I am ticked off. I feel like she may have wanted to tick me off, so she wouldn't have to deal with someone so low-class as myself, ever again. Well, she gets her wish I guess. I just wish I could steal back those baby clothes.

*I can't believe you read this far! you must be bored. Anyway she just said to OD one time "But you can do so much better!" (than me). Bitch, right?

Monday, May 05, 2008

everyone has a price

how much pay cut would you accept in order to work somewhere where people are smart and funny, where you work at home 50% of the time, versus a place where people are average-smart and a little bit scary, where you get steep travel discounts?

further, both have a certain amount of free food, and both dish out the undeserved praise with a free hand.

not that I have any job offers. I'm just thinkin'.

seriously though I love being praised. I am Lisa Simpson!

yeah, my kid is funny but

this kid will be the funniest person in the universe