Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where Were You Three Years Ago Today?

I was at work, and utterly exhausted from having stayed up until 4 AM.

It was the Best Night Ever though.

i am in this picture but only barely.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

parties for jerks

Last week some "important" people showed up from HQ and canned about 15 people. "Business needs," they said. "Budget slow sales project schedules blah blah you're fired!"

This was just the latest round...they've visited a couple times over the past few months. It's become so that when they show up, we know what's going down. When there's a meeting on short notice in the middle of the day, we know. It's always bad news.

Anyway, this week one of those VIPs is retiring. Needless to say the company is making a huge fuss about it. She's having a fete in each remote office (total eight! eight parties) and we were all bullied into signing a going-away book for her. Well. I don't know if anyone else felt bullied. But I felt super phony and gross signing it. But someone handed it to me and said "sign the page!"

Like yay! You're leaving and you get cake! Everyone you just fired gets no cake, no job, no health insurance!

I had a dream that they came in and said, anyone who is planning to take vacation days-you're fired.

I believe I have, how you say, resentment?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

cousins who care

I got the saddest text message on my cell phone

"You know we're still cousin's [sic]
even though you
don't talk to me anymore.
This is Rahshaan just in case you forgot. Love Ya."

Is a wrong number making Rahshaan's cousin look like a douchebag?
Or did Rahshaan's cousin change his number to escape Rahshaan?

Either way I had to respond with "sry wrong numbr" (I have never gotten the hang of text messaging. I'm OLD, yo.) It was too mean to leave Rahshaan hanging. Thinking his cousin was ignoring his texts.

I am just worried he will think it a humorous joke or a brushoff. Much like Ersatz Shirky McLazy's mother did.

I also get calls for Raji.
I do not know him either.

How many people had my damn number?