Tuesday, May 15, 2007

cousins who care

I got the saddest text message on my cell phone

"You know we're still cousin's [sic]
even though you
don't talk to me anymore.
This is Rahshaan just in case you forgot. Love Ya."

Is a wrong number making Rahshaan's cousin look like a douchebag?
Or did Rahshaan's cousin change his number to escape Rahshaan?

Either way I had to respond with "sry wrong numbr" (I have never gotten the hang of text messaging. I'm OLD, yo.) It was too mean to leave Rahshaan hanging. Thinking his cousin was ignoring his texts.

I am just worried he will think it a humorous joke or a brushoff. Much like Ersatz Shirky McLazy's mother did.

I also get calls for Raji.
I do not know him either.

How many people had my damn number?

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