Friday, February 27, 2009

"What did he see?" my mom said

My child just insisted I call up Gramma and Mustache to tell them,


It's clouding up now, so I think ya missed your chance to see it. PS I totally stole this photo from the internets.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

let this be a beacon in the googlewilderness

Did you know that (until I hit Publish) there are no google results for I Hate My Alumnae Magazine? Nor, believe it or not, for the more universal I Hate My Alumni Magazine.

Yet I truly cannot believe that I am the only one who does in fact, hate and revile her alumnae magazine. Of which we receive two per quarter. That's two more than I require.

I just...hate everything about it. It is a glossy, thick, expensive looking thorn in my side. I'm just waiting until my year's Class Notes section stops being IN-FUCKING-SUFFERABLE and starts being about who is merely Not Dead Yet.

Yeah, fuck you, alumnae magazine.

And if you've landed here because this was the only google hit for I Hate My Alumnae Magazine, then know that you are not alone.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Go On, Point and Laugh!

Would you like to see a picture from before I owned a hair dryer? Really? Come on, it's hilarious!

This photo is ten years old. Ten! As you can see my hair is embarrassed to be associated with me and is trying to flee in all directions. Now I beat it into submission daily with red-hot instruments.

This is all by way of introducing the inhabitants of this photo, of course. One of whom I am married to, and two who live sadly, maddeningly far away now. In college we were nearly always within shouting distance of one another, but I haven't seen one of these ladies for three whole years, and we haven't all been together for FIVE WHOLE YEARS. And tomorrow night, we will all be together in my very own house! Huzzah! I am excited! And worried, because the house, she is a mess. But excited!!

(Oh my god that hair though. What was I THINKing?)