Friday, May 23, 2008


The kid still doesn't carry on real conversations, of course (except with himself, while falling asleep, which is very funny), but he can verbally respond to questions like, "what do you want to eat?"
Sometimes he answers "narsmwiwx" or something like that which means we play guessing game. I say "soup? (mo) milk? (mo) yogurt? (mo) potatoes? (mo) veg? (mo)" until I hit the right one. When I do he does a little explosive movement with his whole body. "YESH!!" he shouts. It's cute enough that I can almost get past the fact that all he wants lately is hummus. This morning he went off with OD to eat breakfast and when she delivered him back to me to be dressed, he smelled like garlic hummus. Should babies smell like garlic?


Clementine said...

I love this. I can just see it, too! Hester shakes her head violently when she means no, then nods in an exaggerated manner when she means yes. It's hilarious, at least to us.

Thank you so much for the beautiful silhouette of Hester and the sweet card for my birthday! Y'all are SO thoughtful.

Hashbrown said...

Garlic is better than poop smell.