Monday, May 05, 2008

everyone has a price

how much pay cut would you accept in order to work somewhere where people are smart and funny, where you work at home 50% of the time, versus a place where people are average-smart and a little bit scary, where you get steep travel discounts?

further, both have a certain amount of free food, and both dish out the undeserved praise with a free hand.

not that I have any job offers. I'm just thinkin'.

seriously though I love being praised. I am Lisa Simpson!


Clementine said...

Working at home part-time would be worth a pretty steep pay cut to me (uh, obviously). I also like the idea of smart and funny coworkers. You need to tell us why you're asking, though! Inquiring minds want to know.

Jenn said...

Yeah I have to say, if you can afford the pay cut, it might be worth a pretty significant one for the other benefits. Remember, scary coworkers can end up making the workplace unlivable. Good luck!