Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A simple mind

There's no sub in my subconscious, apparently. Witness several of my dreams during this stressful holiday season:

1. I am forced to drive a bus while riding on the roof. Everyone I like or care about is also on the roof of the bus, hanging on for dear life while I skid around corners of an unfamiliar roadway.
2. I am on the third story of a house and the floor is entirely rotted away all around me--I can't take a step.
3. Tigers are the new vermin, infesting my home like mice.
4. I am going someplace and realize I suddenly don't have my purse (three times a week I dream this)
5. Similarly: I realize I lost my wallet two days ago, and missed the 24-hour period in which you can report a stolen credit card. (Is that even a real rule?)

I might as well just dream of a giant billboard reading "YOU ARE NERVOUS AND INSECURE, AND A TERRIBLE DRIVER".

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