Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am going to scream

Never try to improve your home, I say.

The tiling guy totally flaked on Saturday (which was his suggested time! not mine!). He did show up on Tuesday, about an hour late, but he did come. He and his helper worked a while and argued some and then left at the end of the day, promising to return to finish the job on Thursday morning. "I will be here at 9," I said. "Not before 9, because I have to drive my wife to work. I will be back at 9."

Is that clear to you? Because guess what.

While I was out driving Miss Lady to work, he left a message on the machine. "I want to come in before 9, because 9 will be too late," he says, "I have to be somewhere else at 9."

When I returned at 8:30 and heard this message, I was pissed off, and I called him up. "I'm at another job already," he whines. I don't know if he really whined. It's for the story. Just go with it. "I can come in tonight, though," he says. Dude. DUDE. NO. "I took off work today, and that's kind of a big deal for me," I said (assertively, I hope). (No laughing. It was a big deal. Though I do next to nothing at work, they are really weird about having people there anyway. Go figure.) "Grumble, grumble," he said or something like that. "I'll see what I can do." Oh THANK you. Thank you so much for going out of your way to SHOW UP WHEN YOU SAID YOU WOULD YOU BIG DORK.

9:30, he rolls in. I point out where he has installed a fucked-up piece. "That is going to drive me crazy," I explain. He tried to blame it on me but what the fuck? I sure as hell didn't install it that way. YOU DID.

Now he has gone out to "get stuff" while I sit here, not at work, and I CAN'T EVEN USE THE BATHROOM.

I have already paid this guy for Tuesday's work, so I'm in this for good. Just have to tough it out (and go to whole foods to pee.)

No stories about your fabulous experience hiring home repairs, okay? Misery loves COMPANY, people, not tales of terrific handymen.

update: he is here, but he is not speaking to me or something. Yes, I hired a thirteen year old. What is UP with people?


Christine said...

Let me tell you my story....

So we bought our house 4 years ago and hired the wood floor refinishers that were recommended by our realtor. Rather than give you the full story, here are the highlights:

-They never, repeat never, showed up at the time or day that they promised.
-They always seemed to be under the influence of something--could have been the floor poly fumes, but I doubt it.
-We did not move into the house immediately after closing, having planned to have the floors finished the week before moving. Due to their delayed start and workdays that ranged from 5 minutes to 2 hours, we had to live with a friend for a week after our apartment lease was up. We then moved into our house, occupying not much more than the master bedroom and put our boxes and most furniture in the garage. We lived in one room for about two weeks.
-One of the workers was sitting on a five gallon bucket of poly on our front porch to put on his rollerblades, the bucket tipped, spilling floor finish on the porch floor. To clean the mess, he went into the garage where we had stacked all of our boxes (see previous point) and found the towels in the box labeled "Bathroom" and used our bath towels to wipe up the poly. He then deposited the towels and the remaining poly in the driveway. I was able to pull the petrified towels off of the concrete, but the poly remains there after four Minnesota winters as a reminder to be careful about who we hire.

I could go on, but you get the idea. We didn't pay anything beyond the deposit, and I would have asked for that to be refunded if I had had the energy. What we learned: Angies List is a great resource!

Shirky said...

your poor towels!

dude, last night I found a cleaning rag in my garbage disposal.

The baseboards in the bathroom are beat to hell, all dented and with gluey stuff all over them.

The bathtub is full of grime and footprints.

But, it is finished and we have checked out of the hotel.