Sunday, November 26, 2006

The contest: whose relatives said the most retarded/hilarious thing about adoption
The rules: it doesn't have to be a mother in law but any kind of relative.
The prize: candy! candy! candy! I made candy. If you are diabetic or whatever we'll think of something else.
The entrants: more than just me, I hope. Just send a link to the blog post where you describe the hilarity and then I'll have a vote. The winner gets the prize and The Satisfaction Of Winning. Everyone else gets to feel better about their own Mothers in Law or other insane relatives.


Clementine said...

Hi Shirky, here's my link:
Now I want to hear your gruesome stories!

Thanks for cheering me up after tonight's fun fest with my ma.

Clementine said...
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Clementine said...

Clarification requested and received: Your contest cheered me up after my ma's nasty comments last night. In other words, I spent the evening crying until I read your post.

So thanks, again.

Lisa V said...

I don't have a post on it, but my SIL said last year, about our very open adoption, "Aren't you afraid her real parents are going to want her back when they see how beautiful and smart she is?" My daughter was 14. We have had her since she was just hours old. We are this storybook example of how great open adoption works. Yet, she still isn't convinced we have done the right thing.