Friday, June 20, 2008


I was a moderately picky eater child. My parents felt that this was both a character flaw of mine and a terrible indictment of their parenting, and gave me a hell of a lot of static about it. Because I was also a more-than-moderately stubborn child, this made things a hell of a lot worse and I was quite old before I ate widely. Which I mostly do, although there is a list of things I will not eat.
So my child, who as an under-one ate a tiny bit of everything that crossed our table, is now 18 months old and will eat:

hummus (IF he gets to hold the spoon)
frozen mixed veg
frozen corn
rice (IF he gets to scatter rice to the four winds)
applesauce (IF it is made by grandma)
soup (SOMEtimes)
peas (IF we are in the field and he can eat them off the plants)

Here is a list of foods often eaten by children which he will take out of his mouth and throw back at me:
chicken (any form, including nugget)
green beans
ok, any kind of meat
bread: regular or pita
all the rest of the vegetables

I'm not going to make a huge deal about what he eats or not but he can't keep filling up on raisins and crackers, can he? and his "acceptable" list is not terrible but I feel like I'm in a rut and I'm not convinced there is enough protein in there. What are some ideas? He is allergic to eggs.

I kind of want to ship him to grandma's to be fattened a little because he eats nearly all of what she makes for some reason. Likes her better I guess!


Clementine said...

I wonder, does he like beans at all? Refried beans are a huge hit around here--my child care kids and Hester devour them. So are black beans from the can, just rinsed in hot water. Hester won't eat cheese unless it's in the form of grilled cheese or quesadillas; does he like those things? I guess there's some protein in cheese.

On a different note, we are TOTALLY COPYING you guys. We just purchased the following things we saw at your house: permanent potty seat, snack trap, and bottle tether. You guys have the best (read: most useful) stuff!

Jenn said...

Um, not sure if this is just me being dumb but my mom always told me pasta had a good deal of protein in it? I know it's not on your list of things he eats but maybe you could... I don't know... smother it in hummus or something?