Monday, July 21, 2008

What To Read And Why

The blogroll just sits there, and no one clicks.I cleaned it up, and below are reasonswhy I read (or don’t) each of them. Go on, click something new!


A little pregnant

-This was the one that led me to all the others.She used to maintain an incredible collection of parenting blog links, including a category devoted to adoption.  This is where it all started.  I even remember how I found her blog: it was a link off LOD’s blog, which was a link off Defective Yeti. PS she is hilarious

AfrIndie Mum

No longer active, but for a time very informative on adoption. Where’d she go? I don’t know!

American Family

Your basic slice of life/adoption blog.For a (short) time she ran another blog about induced lactation that was interesting.  But she changed her mind about doing it herself and the blog went dark.  But she’s still got this one.

and I wasted all that birth control...

I’ve read this one since her first tragic pregnancy.

Anti-Racist Parent - for parents committed to raising children

Lots of blogs get lamer over time  as people lose interest.This one is professional and has improved over time IMO.

Read her since she was Cubbiegirl.

Bigger Than a Breadbox

I have the good fortune to know this one in real life.

clueless in carolina

Funny and sharp, great stories. She’s living through her mom’s alzheimer’s disease now,which is tragic but she remains interesting and determined throughout.

The Comics Curmudgeon

Hi-liarious, and don’t miss the comment of the week, one ofthe best bits.

The Commuter Blues

Another I know for reals!

Daddy, Papa and Me

The first gay adoptive parent blog I found.Check out his elaborate (to put it mildly) Harry-Potter-themed summer activity with his daughter (involves flying to London, holy crap)

Daily Fiber

Was a prospective adoption blog, went dark.

defective yeti

Funny dude, one of the first I read. I like the Bad Review Revue—the most scathing movie reviews collected in once place.

Do They Have Salsa in China?

Tons of cute photos and stories.Where does she find time? And the lunches! Gah! I hang myhead in shame.


One of the most level-headed, with-it bloggers I read.Full of great, sensible doctor bits of information.  She recommends an approach to beginning running. Maybe someday when I feel less exhausted.


Who doesn’t read dooce? Come on.  I can say I read it before it was a shopping/photo blog though.  I’m Old School.

Evil Mommy

Another smaller, down to earth adoption related blog.


One of the funniest out there.  Alum of my college (where the funny ladies go)

Fluid Pudding

Also funny, and I think a unique style.She knits too, and I don’t really understand those posts.


A big shot in blogland.

Geese Aplenty

One of the few dudes on the list.  So funny.

Gwen's Petty, Judgmental, Evil Thoughts

Read her since it was Gwentown.  It’s nice to watch someone’s life really unfold before you.

I Blame The Patriarchy

Is there any funnier writer on the subject of feminism?I think not.


Read this for years. She’s the jolliest of bloggers in spite of some real crappy times overthe years.  Impossibly smart older child, impossibly cute younger children. 

Laid-Off Dad

One of the originals. 

The Land of Milk and Poo

FKA Cheek, FKA Naked Ovary.  Was once an adoption blog.  Then a pregnancy blog. Now I suppose it will be a parenting blog in general.

Leery Polyp

Defunct I guess. Hey, you know how it is when you read blogs, it only takes a couple of little tiny things for you to form a total opinion of someone? Well, I’m afraid that tendency got thebetter of me in this case.  Shepraised Dr. Sears once too often for my taste and I guess I quit reading.Dr. Damn Sears and his Gender Roles.  Jeepers.


Most of her efforts now on her advice blog, but this was her original deal.


Find this fascinating, it’s about images of the future…from the past!  My mind…she is blown!

Pam's House Blend

You know me. I’m a hippie liberal pinko. And here’s the blog links to prove it.


See above.

Parent Hacks

Once one of my hacks got published. I’m a celebrity!

passive-aggressive (and just plain aggressive) notes

The comments are as funny as the (batshit insane) notes themselves.

Round is funny

Quitter ! ha!


See above about liberal hippie pinkos

smartypants's diary

this is not even a proper blog.  It has an old school look and feel (remember “online diaries”?) and no comments.  It is killer funny, but caution when recommending it to your mom. She works blue.  

The Sneeze

Another guy. Steve, Don’t Eat It!  Is upthere with cockeyed for “hilarious web stunts”


The late, the great, spamusement.  Burned so bright for so short a time.

Suburban Bliss:: Birth Control Via The Written Word

Melissa just gets me, OK?

the underwear drawer

A slice of life blog by a doctor/parent.Was NYC but just moved to Atlanta.


From TWOP (which, to up my old-school cred, I read when it was MBTV so there), a humor writer and adoptive parent.


Christine/Daily Fiber said...

I'm sorry, I just couldn't hack it as a blogger. If only blogging didn't take so much time and effort, or if my job were less demanding, or if we had adopted by now and I had something else to write about. I make a much better blog consumer.

queermom said...

i love the recap. can't wait to have the time to actually check them out. wanted to point you to one that seems gone...but she isn't!

Shirky said...

Wow see? I totally phone it in and two comments! Christine, your blog was just my speed, i like the small ones where I don't feel like 1/20000 readers! But, they are the hardest kind to find.