Monday, October 06, 2008

The fun is over

Recently joined Facebook, but now the relatives have found me. Topics now off limits to me on there are: politics; swearing; the existence of this blog.



Jenn said...

Reason a million why not to join Facebook. See, Clementine??? (Clementine is peer pressuring me.)

Shirky said...

I knew I should have kept dumb about it...I joined too late to play that scrabble game, and then poof, friended by the home-schooled baptist branch of the family (in person, they're too good to even talk to me, but on facebook I guess it's ok? or are they going to Throw Jesus At Me?)

Clementine said...

Ha ha! I say, swear all you like and call Palin a nut. At least you'll have your fam off your back.

(And PS, JPP: Time for you to play Facebook with the rest of the cool kids!)

Hashbrown said...

Dude, that sucks.