Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I effed up

forgetfulness and 'someone else will do it' disease have conspired to leave me newspaperless today. I've been to all the all night drugstores and grocery stores and all the street boxes, obviously they are all gone. do you think people will sell them on ebay??


Clementine said...

Bad news there: I saw a notice in the paper today that yesterday's NYT was already selling for $200 on eBay. However, I also read that some folks bought 20-30 copies at a time...maybe you know someone who did that who would give you a copy? I'd put out the word on FB and IRL and see what happens. If that fails, we could make you a color copy of our Globe.

Shirky said...

I'm going to check the recycle bins tonight (it's trash day and maybe someone is goofy) and also, the globe itself will sell me one but it's 15 bucks so I'll try the bins first.

Clementine said...

Yes, try the recycling bins! What a good idea. And $15 is a solid Plan B, too. Oh, I'm glad--I was worried for you!