Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lessons Learned

I did something completely stupid parenting-wise recently, and it is going to haunt me for the next two and a half months.
We're going on a trip, really our first all together, in June, and I am out of control excited. Really disproportionately so. I know other people fly to australia and whatever all the time, every weekend, blah blah, but WE don't. And I'm EXCITED.

So. Even though I should have known better, and as the words were leaving my mouth I was already regretting it, I told the kid, who has no concept of time or calendars, that we were going on a plane. In June.

Every single day, "we go onna plane? we go tomorrow? I wanna go NOW."
And now he's begun telling his friends at school that he's going on a plane to Barack Obama's house.

I still think I may be more excited than him though.


Clementine said...

Ha ha--I can just see it!

Also, what's with our kids? For the past few weeks Hester's been all, "I go to Mr. Obama's house for big big trip?" Did the two of them come up with this last month at dinner?

So for reals, where are you going? Are you going to Washington or Australia or somewhere in between?

I'm excited for you guys!

Shirky said...

ha! he must have bragged to her all about it!
We are going to DC, but no way am I subjecting him (or myself, more like) to the lines to actually tour the white house. I'll buy him a postcard!

Jenn said...

Oh no, hilarious. I can't remember from when I was little if my parents told us ahead of time about stuff like this or not.

I'm glad you're going on a fun trip though! Hooray for a real vacation! They are also few and far between for me so I hear you on being WAY overly excited about it. :)