Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Which is weirder?

Scientology, or Kabbalah?
I really can't decide. What would be great is if some celebrities jumped on the Raelian train. Then there'd be a perfect trio of lunatic sorta-kinda-religions to shake our heads at.
My lady once worked with a Raelian dude. He seemed ordinary, except then he'd offer to loan you his book explaining the whole aliens created humans by cloning thing. The book was weird, dude. It even had pictures. He only had one copy, so we had to give it back. I should have scanned it first.

And HMBalison...I'm sorry you had someone try to take advantage of you like that. That is really rough. I am glad you adopted in the end. I agree that we have to be patient. It's not really a part of my personality to be so, so that's my main challenge in this endeavor. That, and picking a placing agency. I still can't decide! It's like choosing between Scientology and Kabbalah!

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