Thursday, February 09, 2006


Reading Shakespeare's Sister I found this link to pictures of scary, horrible creatures of the deep, all apparently found washed up after the big tsunami. I have this bizarre and unfounded phobia (are phobias ever rational? really?) of creepy sea creatures. Oh, also those scary-ass cave creatures with NO EYES. Also centipedes. Eurgh! I remember when I was a kid I was screaming at some nasty crawly thing and my dad was like, "Why do you do that? Why live up to such a stereotype of women and girls?" I think of that every single time I run screaming from the house, begging my dear and patient lady to "deal with that thing oh god that horrible THING". (She always does. She is really top quality.) I don't WANT to be a stereotype, but the centipede MAKES me do it!


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