Monday, March 27, 2006

Operation BookHoard

The mission to collect all DCF winners is going well. My first stop was of course, which worked out well, and Goodwill, good ol' goodwill, has also been helpful.

As I get them, I'm also reading them. I read them while I blowdry my hair in the morning. Even so, they are pretty quick reads, not nearly as substantial as I remember them. Which makes sense, since I last read many of these twenty years ago or more.

There are only a few genres represented so far. I like to think this is because there are certain things that really, really appeal to the kids who are voting on this award, but maybe authors are just damn copycats. Here's what we're looking at:

Alone in the Woods
Magic Stuff Happens to Regular Kids
Confrontation With a Bully

Classic themes, all.

I can't keep my grownup brain from analyzing them as I read, though. I pick out stereotypes and gender role enforcement and ecologically unsound camping practices (some of these are from the fifties, okay?), and none of the books is free of all that stuff. In fact, there's one book--well, I'll post a photo later. Still, I like them all okay and I still think they are young reader gold.


Naughty words

Children alone in woods

Child confronts bully

Magical happenings

My complaints


Two in the Wilderness





Sister sweeps; brother hunts


Bones on Black Spruce Mountain

Piss AND shit!




Kids in the woods cut down trees, build fires, very naughty

Adoption figures in this story

A Bundle of Sticks







The 18th Emergency







Time for Andrew







Jennifer Murdley's Toad



Toad confronts bully




Castle in the Attic







Summer of Fear





Girls is bitches


The Boggart





Gang of "friends" really just a collection of stereotypes


Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio






One of these things is not like the others...


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