Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday impersonates Monday

This morning I woke up late from a dream in which I was running to escape a vengeful ghost (wtf?). I realized that both of my pairs of pants were dirty (it is hard for me to buy pants that fit, ok?). I thought I would wear a skirt. I knew it was cold and rainy, so in order to wear a skirt I needed a pair of tights. I found only navy blue (no go) and grey, which, with a black skirt just made me look like I got dressed in the dark. I ended up wearing the dirty pants from yesterday (my volunteer night--they have baby boogers and fingerpaint on them. yes!) I showed up late for work, and without my pass, so I had to sign in and knock on the door, and now I'm trapped here for the day, unless I want to get stuck out there again.
Woo! Go Tuesday!

I should really do laundry more often, and possibly buy more pants. Yesterday I went into the one store that has pants my size but everything there is like sixty bucks and I am a super cheap bastard. Whenever I express pants-buying frustration to my friends, they always exclaim, "The Gap has 'long' pants!" or something like that. Here is Gap's idiot-ass idea of 'long' on me:

Damn you, pants!


M. said...

Oh, I feel your pain... except that I've never bought a single pair of pants I didn't have to hem. And I'm almost 5"5! Who are these people they're making them for?
I couldn't see the picture, but am dying to...

Shirky said...

Well, you are truly missing a work of art, a real masterpiece of a stick figure wearing sad sad short pants.

I have a lot of trouble posting pictures. what's the secret?

And boy howdy if I had a clue how to do it without ending up looking like a clown with patchwork pants, I would use the bottoms of manj's trousers to extend my own. Everyone's a winner! except the stupid Gap!

wen said...

Oh, pants problems! I hear your pain. I'm 5' 11" and fit a 30 waist. That means the size I wear (as long as I wash it in frigid water and keep it at least 20 meters from a dryer is 30/34. (I used to be a 29/34...holy hell!)

So, almost none of the stores make or carry that size. In fact, at the GAP, they have this little chart with x and check marks for whether the size is available in store or online...and guess what box is entirely empty? Yes, 30/34. I've had the Banana Republic people laugh at me, and several stores (GAP included) swore they made my size, until I dragged them over to their own posted sizing chart.

I think Long fits like 5' 8" and makes a sad capri for the rest of us.

I have a similar problem with shoes...in fact I was just blogging about it today

Weirdly tall girls unite!