Monday, June 12, 2006

baby smeagol

anyone out there expecting a must sometimes, secretly, worry that your baby will not be cute. What? No? Just me? And I'm a shallow bitch? It's true, I probably am.
I encountered such a baby last night. Instead of delicate baby ears, he had jug handles. Instead of a wee flower of a mouth, he had a mick jaggeresque maw. It didn't help that he was wailing, either.
My mother tells me that A) I will think the baby is cute even if it is not and B) no one will dare to tell me that it is not cute, so I will never know. What this says about my own baby-looks, I do not guess. Her B) sounds suspect though, knowing my own father to have greeted brand-new infants and their parents with "Gee, I bet you can't wait for the kid to get cute!". Which was funny at the time but now makes me worry.

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Christine said...

I know that I have seen not-so-cute babies. In a less than scientific study of babies I have seen, I know that the cute babies are in the majority. Go ahead and worry, if you need something to fill your time, but chances are that your baby will be cute. And if she or he falls into the not-so-cute category, you won't notice and no one will tell you, not even your father, since this is his grandchild.