Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am Grampa Simpson

Yes, yes, thirty is the new twenty, but what of those of us who were fifty when they were twenty? How old are we now? Not too old to ROCK OUT, are we?
The truth is I was always lame, and have never really rocked out. We went to the radiohead concert on Monday and everyone there was about 16 years old, which makes no sense. You people were little bitty babies when Creep came out!
I kind of wanted to have a nap before the concert but Monday nights are the nights where I imprudently play flying baby and horsey rides and dinosaur is chasing you. So I was a wee bit worn out beforehand and secretly wished all those people would sit down so I could sit down and not look like Granny At the Show. I also got some earplugs. I know! I've always been lame! We also had binoculars, since I can't see. And we needed to see as well as hear, for the crazy little dances that Thom does are not to be missed. We came home smelling of weed and extreme youth, but it was awesome, they sounded awesome, and it'll be a good long time before I feel like I need to prove my vigor again.

I was tired on tuesday though.

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