Saturday, July 08, 2006

idle hands

We're settling in for a long eighteen month wait. (I figure, it's better to have low expectations. Then, a pleasant surprise is possible) So, I have invented a project to occupy me.

This project will keep me busy for over one month and also decorate the walls of the second bedroom at the same time. How efficient!

Every day I'm making one of these:

And every day I'm hanging one up on the wall:

You can't see the elaborate system for aligning these properly. It involves thread and tape. Very sophisticated.

The problem is that nice as these look, I am still shaky on what they sound like. But the idea is that the kid will see them every day and become A GENIUS. My wife has a belief that bright colors make you smarter. I have a belief that other languages make you smarter. Obviously, our child will be an UNSTOPPABLE SUPER GENIUS. But in a good way.

Anyway, there are 36 letters I'm doing. So this will take 36 days. And then, there will be only about 452 days left to wait. No sweat, right?


Christine said...

Great idea, I love the bright colors. Please don't think of me as an illiterate fool, but what alphabet am I looking at?

Shirky said...

It is Tamil. I think technically it is not an alphabet or a syllabary; it's whatever you call it when the letters change when you put them together. Anyway I'm not doing all 99 million combinations. I only have so much paint and patience. So 36 it is. (I'm up to 7 now).

Shirky said...

okay, I looked it up, it is called an "abugida". Which means nothing to me.