Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Add it to the list

The Answer:

The cat barfed on it.
So I tried to clean it up.
But could still detect a faint outline of cat puke.
So I washed it with soap and a scrub brush.
Then it was wet.
So I tried to dry it.
With the hair dryer.
Which set it on fire.

The Question:

What the fuck happened to the chair cushion?

The List:

Things I have made worse by "fixing" with very dubious "skills".

Other items on the List:

Roomba battery (attempted to save money by replacing cells myself; not realizing I don't know how to solder)
Kitchen switch controlling disposal and light (wanted to replace face plate only; could not find matching; thus had to replace entire electric box; now disposal works but not light, and the whole thing is a little crooked too.)
The refrigerator (too embarassing to discuss)


Round is Funny said...

I hear you. My list includes: just about everything I've ever tried to fix.
My wife has fired me from the job of going to Home Depot (hooray!) because I've come home with the wrong thing so many times.

Shirky said...

If only someone would think to stop me before I strike again. Because I am not capable of stopping myself. Even when I know better.