Friday, October 20, 2006

Phrases that make your email sound xxxxtra bitchy

Collected from actual office emails (mostly)

"For your information"


"Do you even know how"

"Calm down"

"As I told you before"

"Am I to assume you will be doing this correctly?"

"Your mom is so ugly"

Yes, it's true, everyone I work with has suddenly become a huge asshole. So, I welcome Friday with xxxxtra love this week. Happy Diwali, yo.


Christine said...

Here I am, with only four days left in my current position--how familiar some of these phrases are in this office. Is it too much to hope, that in my fabulous new job there will be no one who would dream of saying or writing these things to their fellow coworkers?

Happy Friday, Happy Diwali

Shirky said...

tell 'em you'll blog about them if they don't watch their mouths.