Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Probably the weirdest compulsion I have is scotch tape. I love the smell of scotch tape but I can't just sniff it. I take pieces and play with them until they are gray and unsticky. At the end of the day there is a little pile in front of my keyboard. It is wasteful and I have tried to stop. Here are the ways you can quit your tape habit:
1. lotion on your hands interferes with the sensation of stick and pull that you get from fingers on tape
2. don't have tape at your desk
3. have some other kind of tape, tape that doesn't have the same delicious smell and stickyness. Substandard tape is not satisfying at all. Packing tape, masking tape, and removable tape are all crap. I need regular scotch tape.

I would eat it if it were edible. I am sure.

In other news, I have a persistent eyelid twitch that is uncomfortable. what would stop that? drugs? acupuncture? wishing? I do not think it is caused, as cartoons would have me believe, by stress. Nor do I drink any caffeine. I think it's just one of those things. I am getting old.

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Sparkly Spiral Girl said...

I can't say anything about the tape, except that maybe it's pretty decent as compulsions go? Doesn't hurt you or others? LOL

As for the eye twitching, I had that for a couple of months last year. Mine probably was stress or one hell of a coincidence (life upheaval and stuff) but acupuncture did the job for me In only three treatments (which also worked on my other issues) I was twitch free. :)