Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby Loves Bhangra

He does, he danced very energetically at India Day yesterday. In a sea of cute kids he was certainly cutest.

Why dont' they make such pretty and cute clothes for boys though? no fair.

We have these cats staying with us, that we are babysitting. It was for someone I don't know very well. She left them on July 2, they were supposed to stay for five weeks until she came back.

It's not such a big deal that they've stayed longer, but it is a big deal that she hasn't called or anything to say when she will really be coming. It turns out that I don't like all cats as much as I liked our old cat. These two are destructive! They rip shit up and they knock stuff down. They seem friendly but it's not a nice friendly...I call the girl one Bitey.

So this woman who owns the cats, she hasn't responded to my messages.
If she doesn't come back, hey, Free Cats for first taker!

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