Thursday, August 23, 2007

If you feel like freaking yourself out

Apparently I do, cause I find this kind of satisfying.
Emergency Procedures brainstorm

Perhaps I have a latent survivalist tendency. Though you won't catch me peering through binocs at black helicopters or stockpiling shotguns.


Bridges to Cambridge are blocked while I’m at work

Steal boat from boathouse

Political coup or martial law declared nationwide

Drive far north as possible, hike into Canada

Floodwaters rise forcing us and neighbors to third floor

Someone can stand on my shoulders and break skylight to
get us up to the roof.  Probably
third-floor neighbor mom lady, since she weighs about 85 pounds.

Blizzard, hurricane, power outage etc make baby formula,
diapers unavailable

Formula=melted ice cream from all the thawing freezers in
town; I can totally DIY some diapers out of bedsheets or something.

Aliens invade and enslave human race

Head for woods; live in cave while developing toxin to
kill aliens

ENP destroys all electrical equipment

Camp stove; candles; carrier pigeons

Twilight zone scenario where I’m the only person left on

mmm…shit…this one sucks….I’d probably head straight for
the ol’ pharmacy for a handful of night time stuff.


You kill zombies by shooting them in the head.Duh.


Make some snowshoes, bundle up, burn proof pages for heat

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