Monday, October 22, 2007

bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling

OD: I'm going to Brooks, you want anything?

On Friday I went to the (bleepity bleep) pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Went in and waited in line only to be told they don't carry that kind, sorry sadsack, no drugs for you! So I turned around and left. When I came out what did I spy? A grimy blue civic with a STOVE-IN SIDE. ASSHOLES! I KILL YOU!

Woo! Just when you think you can relax about money a little.

Brooks (nka Rite Aid) does not have security cameras in the parking lot, btw. So if you feel like doing a hit and run, do it there.




Clementine said...

Bastard-coated bastards for reals!

I'm so sorry about the car.

Hashbrown said...

Definitly Bastard Coated Bastards with Bastard Filling.

Christine said...

May a thousand camels spit in their lattes!