Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Choke on them pearls

I went to college at a kind of snotty school, in that it thought pretty highly of itself, and the students thought pretty highly of themselves, when they weren't thinking the opposite and being bulimic. Like all schools, mine likes to talk up successful grads (also already-successful freshmen, like olympic athletes) which makes failures, such as me, detest the alum magazine more than is reasonable. And yet, I'm always drawn to stories about alums and their lives when I hear or read about them. Did I know that one? Was she in my class? It's like a type of self-hatred because I usually end up disgusted.
There is one person from my class who has a blog, and she is kind of funny. Not, like, Cockeyed funny, but pretty funny. She's a doctor, and married to this other doctor, and I never wanted to be a doctor so that's OK. Doctors, when I meet them, are kind of annoying, because they turn every topic into a medical topic--they'll comment on what kind of syndrome they think an American Idol contestant has and bullshit like that, while at the same time lamenting (read bragging) that people always bring up ailments in social situations. Like, who started it? Also, don't get me started on Dr. Defensive who is very ultra sensitive about her medical cred--once I was joking about how doctors make shit up, she got all snappy and was like "I never make things up! I am honorable and upright and would never do that!". Shut up!
Wait, back to my classmate with the web page. She lives in Manhattan, she has this enormous apartment with a balcony, she has a dog and a housekeeper and a dogwalker and sends her laundry out to be washed and folded, la la la, so to 89% of America, she is disgustingly wealthy and has all the acoutrements of the yuppie lifestyle. Yet to her mind, she and her husband are the struggling poor, and she's trying to get a nanny for her expected child but is getting shot down because she can't afford the going price for Manhattan nannies, or so she says. Insert lots of jibba-jabba about how she's poor, a resident only, and can't afford...blah blah blah. This from an enlightened, educated person who ought to recognize that she is at the top 1% of the income scale! I think bell hooks wrote something once about how many people at the top only think about those above them, and how the tip-top is topper than the top, while truly enlightened people (OK, am I making this all up now?) remember the people who are further down the money chain. Guess what? there are millions of people who not only can't afford a nanny, they can't afford a baby, they can't afford a dog, they wash their own clothes, and some people can't afford that either. I would think she should pretty much shut up and go with normal people daycare, you know, live the life you claim to inhabit.

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