Friday, January 21, 2005


My lady and I, we hate making salad. Well, first off, we eat vegetables basically the same way we do laundry, shovel snow, clean the litterbox, and empty the dishwasher--with extreme prejudice, and not promptly. Any meal I make has vegetables, because without them clearly the universe would collapse, or so my mother led me to believe, growing up. But due to varsity-level laziness, this usually means frozen peas, microwaved, or frozen spinach, fried, or salad. Not creative. But of these, salad is so hard to make! aaaa! It has more than one component, usually, and those items are not stored on the kitchen counter but all the way over in the fridge! and you have to wash the lettuce! and cut things up! It's all too much, and we've reached the point where "salad" means lettuce, with entire baby carrots piled on top. dressing is way, way beyond us. Last night we agreed that from now on, we'll just get salad-in-a-bag and fuck this weary lettuce-tearing. To me this seems like the ultimate in lazyness. So I'm feeling pretty sluglike.

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