Thursday, July 28, 2005

National Freakout Day

This morning the red line was its usual self, creeping along from station to station as if being pulled by mules. It was crowded and I was late, of course. I love that. There was some afflicted dude on the train, he was seriously freaked out by the stops in the tunnel. He was sort of singing his lament: "Why isn't it mooo-ving, why isn't it mooo-ving, why is it so sloooooow, what's the problem with the train?" He was also one of those people with the personal space issue, like "get out of my way" woman and the guy on the tricycle who makes a siren noise as he rides. "Excuuuuse me, do me a faaaavor, excuuuuuse meeeee!" he sang. He kind of kept his eyes closed and swayed in place. Everyone ignored him, until Charles St, when a drunk guy got on, and engaged in a mumbling "conversation" with Singing Loon. Singing Loon would say "Why are we stopped, what's the prooooooblem, we should be moooooooving," and Drunk Guy would mumble, "waitinfuhtheguy,thuhtrainguy,gottamovethuhtrain,theguy,waitinfuhthetrainguy."
Dueling nutjobs!
on the train!
the city is the place to be.

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