Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bow down before me, for I have conquered Tivo

I am the master of tivo! I have successfully hooked that bitch up to the internets and can now enjoy scheduling recordings from work! A whole new way to slack off. Not that there is much to do here lately; no one is on vacation so I am not filling in, which means there is only my own work, which is scanty this month. Every morning on the train I tell myself I will use the slow time to clean my desk and make it look like the desk of a virgo (I'm the world's worst virgo) once and for all, but then, like today, I throw out a bunch of stuff, my recycle bin is full, and I call it quits, leaving all kinds of crap on and under the desk. I LIKE organization, but I don't DO organization.
Adoption preparations are proceeding well. Except that all doctors take the month of August off. So medical forms will have to wait. And wait.
Do you know what is awesome? ordering a book from half.com every day for a week. Then you get a package every day for a week! What could be better?

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