Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That One Dude At Work Who Will Not Give it a Rest

I know This Dude works at other offices, too. He's the guy with Super Racism Detecting Antennae. (also works to detect classism! and heterosexual privilege!) Actually, I probably would never know who the hell he is except for the bulletin board. (Yeah! Bulletin board. It's like 1996 all over again at my rockin' workplace. ) I Swear To GOSH there is nothing, NOTHING you can post without he makes it some kind of SCREED against THE MAN (or rather, against you, for posting).

There was one time when I agreed with him (therefore of course he was right, on that one and only occasion), when he called out this total asshole for being racist (the asshole, he is racist, I know because he brings his racism to meetings I attend. Seriously! Asshole!). And even that one time, he did it in a way that was like a big, floppy bag of nonsense, basically going on for a page without just saying "Hey! That was a racist thing to say! I am embarrassed for you!".

This Dude is a total downer. If someone posts "Hi! Where should I stay on my tropical vacation in the Caribbean!", he'll respond with something about how Caribbean nations suffer from years of white colonialism and misrule. OKAY, fine, that is totally true. I don't argue! But man, what a buzzkill if you're planning a vacation. Or say, maybe you want to know where you can buy a certain product. Chances are, that product is made by slaves! in asia! from the blood of kittens! and it's poisonous to boot! You ask where to park, he points out that riding a bike is much less destructive to the environment. It never ends!

Honestly I don't know why he gets under my skin so much. I probably agree with everything he says. But I hate to admit it, just because he comes off as this total self-righteous prick. Also, he refers to his girlfriend as his "partner". what on earth does that mean? I KNOW, I KNOW, it's totally none of my business. But it does itch me raw. I go to all this trouble to NOT de-genderize my relationship, and he goes around doing the opposite? Why? What does he think that does? What goes on in his hemp-coated head?

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