Friday, November 30, 2007

happy birthday Mr. Man

here's what you do:
you sign more, milk, book, sing, thank you, your own way
you say more, dog, thank you, i love you, your own way
you desire spicy food, milk, yogurt, laptop, guitar, violin, dogs, cats, tricycle, vacuum cleaner, and hugs
you stack blocks, you knock them down, you pretend to read books, you bang your guitar like a mini Pete Townshend, you ride your trike but only backwards, you make car sounds and I didn't teach it to you, you laugh so hard you fall on the floor and bang your noggin and you keep on laughing, you wake mama up at midnight for no good reason, you play somewhat avant garde songs on the recorder, you let your cousin pick you up by the head just because you worship big kids.

you are the best kid that ever was
and we love you.


Clementine said...

He says I love you? That kills me!

Happy birthday to an extraordinary kid!

caramama said...

Happy Birthday, little man!