Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The One Time I Got A Whole Case of Brownies Free

One time, I was at Walgreens, and apparently had had no sugar for five or six minutes, so I purchased a new item, which was a brownie with chocolate chips in it. I saved it the whole way home, which is tricky for me. So I got home, unstrapped the world's heaviest baby and put him for a nap, and then sat down to eat my brownie. It was moldy! I was so bummed. But there I was sitting around the house with nothing to do, and a sad sack treat I couldn't eat. So I picked up the phone and called the number on the back of the wrapper. Someone actually answered, and I spun my sad sad tale in a plaintive tone. The woman was very apologetic and said she would send me a new brownie, and took my address. The next day, the nice fedex man brought a huge box which contained an ice-cooled CASE of brownies.

Oh man that was a good day.


Clementine said...

AWESOME! I'm forever calling complaint lines when products don't live up to expectation, but I've never gotten a whole case of brownies out of it. Good for you!

Christine said...

You rock! I have called complaint lines before, but the biggest thing I have ever received was a $20 gift card for Whole Foods after I found a non-edible item in a bag of cashews.