Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hi Larious

I should really be choosing the yankee swap item from among the selections highlighed at

perhaps the older ladies in my office will not be amused, but I will laugh and laugh for days to see them unwrapping, say, this:

Or This:

oh man that would be awesome.

I still have pudding, there are now two pudding candidates, though one claims not to need the pudding. The game is afoot!

My sister is a vegan-punk-artist type. My father is a bit of the conspiracy theorist who enjoys reading about string theory, origins of the universe, and books by Richard Dawkins. My grandfather is a bit bourgeois and enjoys the latest hard to get item that will make him look cool to his fancy friends.


Clementine said...

I swear, no pudding needed! (That's the only time you'll ever hear that statement from me, by the way.)

I might check out the retail stuff on the Bust website for your sister. I'm not hip and I'm sure not vegan, but they have cool stuff that she might like. What about a handmade goth-y bag with stuff she likes inside? I bet Whole Foods has vegan chocolate and whatnot; I know they have cruelty-free bath and body stuff. Also, what about art supplies for her chosen craft? I freak whenever people give me gift certificates to yarn stores, so maybe your sister would like something similar. Just a thought.

Can't help with your gramps. I'm not tech-savvy at all. Perhaps he would like to show his friends a big jar of pudding?

Not sure about your dad, either. I know, just give him a kitten. Everyone loves kittens!


Shirky said...

that's it, I will buy a 12-pack of kittens and give one to everyone!!

Clementine said...


caramama said...

I don't need pudding (unless it's the kind you eat, which I know it isn't), but I've got some ideas to offer.

For your work gift swap thing, you mentioned finding those motivational posters funny, but have you seen these?
They are hysterical spoofs on the regular motivational stuff. SO funny! I'm thinking of getting the calendar!

As for conspiricy theorist people, maybe the book Legacy of Ashes, which is a behind the scenes look at the CIA. My husband is reading it and thinks it's good. I can't think of any of the great science books we have, but I'll look some up and comment again.

In addition to the digital frames, there are these cool keychains that store and show digital pictures. I'm getting my technology-loving dad one of those.

And the magazine subscription I'm getting my sis is Brain, Child, but I think that's only a good gift for those that have children. So I'm not sure that helps.