Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shopping Scavenger Hunt with PRIZE

I was shipped a very expensive product by mistake.
they are sending me my real item, but they do not want this one back.
Product here.
It is the 16 ounce bottle. Never opened! NIB!

It is not quite two hundred forty dollas worth of puddin', but it's a lot of pudding.

I don't need the pudding but I do need help shopping. So point me to the neatest coolest hardest to find items on the web today, and the pudding can be yours. Send as many 'entries' as you like. I am in the market for baby/toddler things, weird gadgets for my dad, really funny books, and any gadget or tool that makes my life easier (hint: i'm a disorganized slob).

With the amount of traffic I get here, odds of winning are greatly on your side. So go forth! and possess stupidly expensive hair product!

And sorry to the lady in Oklahoma who is missing her pudding. I am sure they will send you your proper items if you give them a call.


Clementine said...

Really funny books for whom--baby, dad, or other?

PS--Be on the lookout for Baby's birthday present--we finally mailed it today.

That Mommy said...

Good luck with your shopping Shirky!

Because we are unoriginal, we are doing the digital photo frame and an entertaining flash drive for my parents(a hippie van for dad, TBD for mom) and a new palm-held GPS and one of these http://www.gadget-box.com/product_info.php?ref=15&products_id=4330&affiliate_banner_id=1 for my partner's geocaching, gadget loving dad. There seem to be lots of USB gadgets around these days.

And because we are mean, boring parents, the kids are getting mostly useful stuff or outdoor toys.
So far, we've picked up a toddler toboggan, some sandbox toys, like this one: http://www.etoys.com/Caterpillar-Jr-Excavator-with-Sand-Tools/PID/4760623/ctid/17/INstock/Y/D/ a new ride-on toy, an aqua-doodle, and some accessories to things the kids already have(more blocks, more Little People, dinky cars). Most were etoys.com purchases. I think the only things left that we intend to buy are a few DVDs, some new D0ra and Diego sippy cups and some books.

And princess pull-ups, by special request of the potty-trained toddler. (My kid is weird.)

Clementine said...

Actually, we got my dad a digital frame, too. I expect he'll love it.

Re: Getting organized, I luurve my free online reminder service. It took a while to type in all my dates, but it emails me a week before birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I even type in things like annual doctor visits, dental appts., car inspections, etc. There are a gazillion free reminder services out there, but the one I use is www.candor.com/reminder. It's never let me down (yet).

That Mommy said...

I expect my parents will enjoy their frames too. I think they're great. It just seems like everyone I talk to is giving them. C'mon Shirky, all the cool kids are doing it...

Shirky said...

are there digital frames with wifi??

That Mommy said...

Definitely. We bought Kodak EasyShare Frames and they are WiFi enabled.