Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Stayed up late on
This is a dog toy for a dog owning relative.

On rec from caramama, for my grandfather:

This is for my dad. It is about the multiverse.

This is a funny book

Here is a book for Unkie Jer. You would be surprised at the selection in this category at amazon. He will find it funny but hopefully not useful.

This is for my mom but I am worried she already has it.

And then.. I want this for a friend's kid is unavailable. Boo.

OD's mom gets this

outdoorsy brother in law
hippie friend and her kid
sister in law

1 comment:

Clementine said...

Wait, I though she was nonplussed by the honeybees. Now she gets a water buffalo?

Also, Clara has one of those chuck-it thingies and I love it. It's good because I am: 1) lazy and 2) prissy. Because of that thing, I can have Hester in the Ergo and throw the ball to Clary all morning without getting my hands covered in muddy dog slime. Good choice there.