Monday, January 28, 2008

file under: blogs on blogs

some blogs rub me the wrong way. yet, I can't stop reading and imagining bitchy comments I would write if i were a [more] terrible person.

I've had comments deleted before on blogs, but it wasn't because they were mean. I was trying to be funny and I was *perceived* as mean, or so I figure. something about my delivery is way off.

also a friend of mine started a blog like last week and already has more comments than I have ever had in my life. therefore, she is winning the popularity contest. doesn't that just burn me up.

I can't link, because she doesn't read here. (I am much too embarrassed to tell some people about my blog. because of the swearing and because of the endless complaining I do. if you're reading already, it's too late to fool you. but i don't swear around everyone.)

but wtf, seriously, last week she was asking me what bloglines was and what 'hits' meant, this week, she's drowning in readers! what's that about? how the hell did you all find her? I can see you're all subscribed.

(actually I know she is more interesting than I am. i am just whining)


Christine said...

Would it help if we started to leave dozens of comments each day? We could out-comment your friend's blog in no time!

Clementine said...

Now I want to know your friend's blog address!

Also, I try not to leave ugly comments on other people's blogs, but sometimes I can't help myself. Esp. if it's some queer-unfriendly nonsense. I read a few blogs just to torture myself, though...what's that about? One of them raises my blood pressure so much I want to kick the writer in the head. Clearly, I have problems. Also clearly, I need to get out more.