Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This house is so cute I want to stomp on it like godzilla.
I don't know where he keeps anything but ISN'T IT THE CUTEST?

I love the position that a small home reduces my consumption. it helps me not feel terrible about having my familiy in baby condo (with no outdoor space period). When I go to peoples houses and they have...another bathroom...another story..playroom...parking...and a yard....oh I feel like a terrible failure. imagine raising a child without a backyard. MONSTROUS. So I focus on the smaller carbon footprint.
please don't tell me that a yard could actually decrease my resource usage or carbon output. I am a sensitive flower and will cry.


Clementine said...

I always thought those houses would be AWESOME as tenny tiny vacation homes. Also, the one in the video makes our 650 sq. ft. place look huge--no easy feat! My favorite part: The shower/bathroom. Hey, at least it's not in the hall, and it's definitely bigger than our shower stall!

Clementine said...

And PS--I only wish we could raise Hester in the city.

Jenn said...

I love these houses too! I have a book about tiny houses actually, I have to look at it - I wouldn't doubt at least one of this guy's houses is in it.

I love the idea of living in a tiny place too for lots of the reasons he says but also just the general idea of wasted space. I mean, you have to be reasonable. That guy obviously couldn't live in that house with a spouse and child, but maybe with a spouse.

Anyway, I love the idea of always living in a city in a small place and when I need space just going out into the world! We'll see how I fare though... I grew up in farm country in a giant house so this might just be a phase...

p.s. Nobody is monstrous for not having a yard for their child. There are parks. There are playgrounds. It's not a problem.

caramama said...

It's cute, but where would I put ALL MY STUFF?? I totally couldn't live there, especially with a kid. He obviously doesn't have kids. But does he wear the same clothes everyday? And how does he wash them?

I don't think yards are needed for kids. We wanted a yard really for the dog. Cause I'm lazy and was really sick of having to take her out for every bathroom trip.