Thursday, January 03, 2008

so. cold.

today was cold enough to freeze my ipod. Also, and I don't know if this was related to the cold, the train shut its door on a woman's arm and when I tried to pry it open THE TRAIN BEGAN TO MOVE. Everyone started to scream and it stopped. The End. I think she was scared though. I would have been really, really pissed.

Mittens are great but sometimes I think I would like mittens made of hot lava, because I feel that is the only thing warm enough for my poor, constricted vessels.

We have a rental car for the week because we are finally getting the body damage fixed on little blue car. The rental car is pretty small and lame. Um, what else? We are finally getting a will next week. How embarassing we don't already have one. But now we will. Ha ha get it? It will be a relief. I am a worst-case-scenario person, after all. We also went to a financial planner. That was also a relief in its own way, though you Do Not Want To Know what college is going to cost in 2024. If you are interested in a financial planner, let me know. They are not just for people who swim laps in a pool of gold coins.


Clementine said...

We need a financial planner. Oh, do we ever.

We need to do our wills, too. We were waiting till Hester's adoption was finalized, but then the holidays hit and now we're just being lazy. To do: Call lawyer. Thanks for the reminder.

caramama said...

I am also in a rental car while my car is getting fixed. It's a PT Cruiser. I know there are people out there who like those cars, but they are not me. I really, truly dispise this car, but it was all they had that my insurance covered. And I was not going to pay extra.

Thanks for reminding me to do my will. I keep meaning to, but...