Thursday, January 05, 2006


When I read old posts, they sound strange to me. They sound terrible, actually. A year from now, when I look back to see what I was doing a year ago, I'm going to be surprised by how sloppy my notes are. Sheesh.

We've put out a call for photos to the family, for pictures that we will be using in the "photo album" the agency wants. I still haven't settled on a style or layout for the whole profile. I'm leaning toward having three sections: about both of us, about me, and about her. This lets avoid awkward phrasing like "Shirky loves to make shirts with monkeys on them. We think monkeys are funny." Who's the narrator there? It makes no sense.

The social worker told us not to read other people's profiles, because it would influence ours. Since she gives SUCH good advice, I read a few online. Some are--forgive me--lame. There, I said it! They're lame! And get a haircut, shaggy!!


Some are not so lame, but none of them really sound like anything I would write. (Not incoherent enough, I guess) So we're starting from scratch here. It's slow going but it will get done.

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