Sunday, January 29, 2006


On Saturday morning we went up to Vermont for my cousin's baby shower. We got to meet my cousin JJ for the first time, she is fucking adorable, though she bites:

And there was much cake and disgusting oohing over tiny baby clothes and socks. What is it about those socks, man? they are so cute.

My cousin was really enthusiastic about the baby sling we made her. We tested it out with our eight pound cat so it should work OK for a newborn. Does she look pissed? Because she was pissed.

My cousin's due date is like March 14 or something. I forget. Which gives her plenty of time to pick a name and paint the baby's room and stuff like that. That's why we were surprised and not a little alarmed to wake up to this:

At about 1 in the morning, my cousin had horrible convulsive seizures due to eclampsia. She was taken to the hospital in Burlington and the baby was delivered around three. The kid is fine, though nameless. She is in rougher shape but will be OK. It seems like something that only happens on TV, it was such a shock. We spent the early afternoon at the hospital, where we got to see Nameless Joe but not my cousin, who was drugged and sleeping, as she should be, poor thing.

Holy crap, huh?


Shelli said...

that is SOOOO funny about the cat in the sling!

I'd LOVE to get yourt pattern, if you ahve it to share.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and much love to your family.


Shirky said...

I started with these instructions,
then sort of left out anything that seemed difficult. I'm awful lazy. I used fleece, it is nice and it stretches too.