Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Monday night I couldn't sleep. For many years I have suspected that I take longer than average to fall asleep. But that night I was still awake hours after getting in bed. I lie there solving problems in my head, going over things, inventing stuff. It would be great, if I weren't so tired in the morning.
So last night, anticipating the same thing, I took an antihistamine (you know...benadryl AKA CVS brand Sleep Aid). I may have slept better, I'm not sure. But this morning when I woke up I was so insane. I could barely stand. I dropped things, stumbled, and my head, filled with helium, whirled around the room. So no more of that. I felt nuts.
Yesterday I made a cool shirt with a monkey face on it. I've been making things lately. Made a bracelet out of old coins from my travels, and a gym bag. And a scarf, which is good because I've lost my usual scarf. I don't know why I'm possessed with the need to make stuff. I'm sure it will wear off soon, so I better get some cool stuff out of it meanwhile.

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