Thursday, January 12, 2006

Meeting Notes: Project Status Meeting, 1/12/06

12:32: Hear sounds of conference call being initiated in conference room. Shit, there's a meeting! I have to be there!
12:33: Sidle in. Last seat available. Faces the window.
12:33: Turn to blank page on legal pad. Uncap pen.
12:34: Recap pen.
12:35: Uncap pen. Recap pen. Uncap pen. Recap pen. Set pen down.
12:37: Aha! Something I can write down! No, wait, it's already printed here on the agenda. Recap pen.
12:38: That building's roof is covered with water. Huh. It hasn't rained in days and days.
12:39: Is that someone on that roof? Nope. Just a plastic bag blowing around.
12:39: Looks windy. The flags on that roof are flapping a lot. Remember that time that they replaced the flags during a meeting? That was a good meeting.
12:40: Glance around the table, try to focus on speaker's voice. What is this meeting about again? Sneak peek at boss' notes. Aha. That thing. I can look smart about that thing.
12:40: Look smart, look smart. Uncap pen.
12:41: There goes a police car, way down there. Hm. Do they look slower from up here? Or maybe it really is going slow? Remember to ask lady when you get home. She knows these things.
12:42: Ooh, and a Police HORSE too.
12:43: Hm. I wonder what they're building over there? Looks big.
12:44: There's a bird drinking the water off that building's roof. Hi bird. Don't do that. That water has either been there a week, or is from some malfunction.
12:45: I guess maybe birds know when water is OK to drink. Like cats.
12:46: Wasn't this meeting supposed to last half an hour? Feels like time is going backwards. God.
12:48: Go over words on paper with pen. Fill in o's, p's, zeros, sixes and nines.
12:49: That building has a roof garden. Wouldn't it be nice to have a roof garden? Except for being afraid of heights. That would be a waste.
12:50: One, two, three...three steeples I can see from here. No, four.
12:51: Is that guy playing sudoku on his palm pilot??
12:52: That's a good idea, I should look into that.
12:54: Okay, I said one thing! My one meeting thing out loud!
12:55: Ok, probably should have said something different.
12:56: Is the meeting over? Time to go?
12:57: God no, they can leave but I can't? What do you mean, they aren't needed? I'm not needed, and here I sit.
12:58: Is the clock just STOPPED?
12:59: Ok, lunchtime, guys. Guys?
1:00: Timetogotimetogo......
1:01: Oh come on. Please? Doesn't someone else have the room signed out now?
1:02: tidy papers. push chair back.
1:03: push chair in again.
1:04: blah, blah, blah. HUNGRY.

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