Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oreo Chocostix

I do love oreos, despite the way the dusty black crumbs adhere to my face, fingers, and shirt, so that someone always says "Have you been eating oreos?" The answer to that question is nearly always yes, by the way. I have usually been eating oreos. For breakfast even.
Today at CVS I saw these Chocostix. The package says "made with REAL chocolate". Even though it also said "wafer sticks", I thought they would kind of be rectangular oreos with a chocolate coating.
Sadly, I must report that they are nothing like that. I should have been warned by the lightness of the package. Oreos are a pretty hefty cookie, but this package was airy light. I am very sorry to say that in the flavor department they are also pretty lightweight. The wafer part was just nothing like the delicious chocolate part of a real oreo. It was like chocolate-flavored packing peanuts. This pathetic texture distracted me from the creamy filling, too, so I couldn't even enjoy that.
All in all, a disappointment.

I give them a D. Steer clear.

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